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About The Society's Database of Heraldic Registrations

The names and armory registered in the Society for Creative Anachronism are stored in a database known as the "Ordinary and Armorial," the terms used for directories that gather information about armigers, organized either by name (an armorial) or by elements of their armory (an ordinary).

Standard Search Tools

This database is made available as an electronic book in ePub format, which could conceivaly be printed out and bound, but such a text would be thousands of pages and would become out of date within a month's time, so most people access this information via the search forms at oanda.sca.org.

The standard search tools include a name pattern search, blazon pattern search, and a complex search form that uses armory categories found in the Ordinary.

New Search Tools

This site offers several new search tools which are intended to facilitate access to the database.

The point-and-click ordinary lets you type to search the armorial categories, then use pull-down menus to select features to narrow down your matches.

The name search tool includes a fuzzy "sounds like" search capability.